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Firepit - E21 - [FT2KT pt.2] - Explorers (1985)

Firepit - E21 - [FT2KT pt.2] - Explorers (1985)

August 31, 2020

Connection from Previous Film: River Phoenix.

The team takes off onto their next section of their FIELD TRIP TO KING TOWN, following Young Indiana Jones in exploring space, pop music, and parental neglect! Dan looks for an adult; Tom and Josh do English good; the team gets a sponsor AND a Discord!

Episode Sponsor: Rob's Custom PCs

Discord Link:

Recorded on 29 August 2020

Firepit - E20 - [FT2KT pt.1] - Stand By Me (1986)

Firepit - E20 - [FT2KT pt.1] - Stand By Me (1986)

August 25, 2020

Connection from Previous Film: Richard Dreyfus.

On their FIELD TRIP TO KING TOWN, the team falls down a rabbit hole of a rabbit hole and get stuck in an ouroboros of nostalgia about a nostalgia film; with Richard Dreyfus pining away for simpler times of kids casually smoking and corpse scavenger hunts and not having to deal with It! Josh gets caught; Tom contests his epilogue; Dan wonders if they ever got rid of the bodies.

Recorded on 21 August 2020

Firepit - E19 - Selection Section #3

Firepit - E19 - Selection Section #3

August 20, 2020

The third in the Selection Section series! The three greatest minds of our time gruel and duel for hours over what movies they'll be watching for six weeks. World peace will not be solved, but by gum, they'll figure a way to their movie destination today! Dan calls in a backup; Tom coasts on his last list's success; the algorithm bites Josh back!

Recorded on 16 August 2020

Firepit - E18 - [SOSST pt.6] - Jaws (1975)

Firepit - E18 - [SOSST pt.6] - Jaws (1975)

August 17, 2020

Connection from Previous Film: Robert Shaw.

The team finally sails to the end of their SINK OR SWIM SUMMER TOUR and dock at their destination of Amity Island, and the known hunting waters of Jaws! Here, Robert Shaw finds better-fitting clothes and better lines of dialogue, as he pirates his way with Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfus in search of shark booty! Josh gets naked; Tom meets his replacement; Dan discovers the mute button.

Recorded on 14 August 2020

Firepit - E17 - [SOSST pt.5] - Swashbuckler (1976)

Firepit - E17 - [SOSST pt.5] - Swashbuckler (1976)

August 10, 2020

Connection from Previous Film: James Earl Jones.

James Earl Jones carries fifteen minutes of plot through what feels life fifteen hours of film, as Robert Shaw fails to pick an accent and Anjelica Huston earns a paycheck (oh, and Peter Boyle splashes around too) in this part of the SINK-OR-SWIM SUMMER TOUR. Tom feels the hype; Dan and Josh "persuade" a celebrity guest to join the call; everybody begs to know what this movie is!

Recorded on 07 August 2020

Firepit - E16 - [SOSST pt.4] - Hunt for Red October (1990)

Firepit - E16 - [SOSST pt.4] - Hunt for Red October (1990)

August 3, 2020

Connection from Previous Film: Sam Neil.

Following the dead stop that was the last film, the team hunts for a better movie on their SINK-OR-SWIM-SUMMER TOUR -- following Sam Neill as he sails away from the calm of his old life and down below with the convincingly-Russian Sean Connery; dreaming of a life of paleontology as Alec Baldwin shadows their every turn! Dan feeds the mind; Tom feeds the soul; Josh feeds everyone a shitty Calzone.

Recorded on 01 August 2020

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